Location. Location.  Location.


Your venue is the most important factor when you set out to plan your event.


Searching tirelessly for venue options is time consuming, so to remove this stress you can use Giraffe Event Solutions venue finding service.


Working in the hospitality industry day-in-day-out means we already have an extensive network of venue contacts.  If we don’t know it then it probably isn’t worth knowing.


You simply let us know what you’re looking for and leave the rest to us – we’ll come back with a proposal of venue options, answers to your queries and quotes.


Best of all it doesn’t cost you a penny – because we just charge a small commission fee to the venue.


Before putting a pin in the map we’ll use our events experience to best advise you and work with you to make sure every detail is carefully considered, these are just a few of the obvious ones for starters:


Layout.  Does the venue have the capacity for your event, how will you layout your space, how will you dress it, and does it have all the facilities you require?


Proximity.  How are your delegates or guests going to travel and where are they coming from?  Is it near to the airport or train station, or does it have convenient parking?


Accommodation.  If required, is there affordable accommodation nearby?


Venue Services.  Do they have accommodation, service staff, equipment you can hire, a bar or restaurant etc.  How flexible are they with regards to delivery pre-event and close-down post-event?  Who is the main point of contact?


This is just the tip of the ice-berg of venue considerations and how we can help you.  So whether you’ve just started thinking about your event or need help to urgently find your perfect place, just give us a call!